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Exceptionally Well Done Udon

Inaniwa Yosuke


Akita Prefecture

The production of Inaniwa udon requires careful selection, and is very labour intensive with a handmade process of up to 4 days. This means it’s only made in small quantities, making this specialty udon a rare treat even in Japan.

The birth of Inaniwa udon

Thinner and smoother than conventional ramen, Inaniwa udon is handmade every step of the way. Inaniwa udon is made with techniques and ingredients passed down the Sato Yosuke family line for hundreds of years, a closely guarded recipe that was developed in 1665 and originally only served to the Imperial family. In 1860, Inaniwa udon finally became available to the public, and has since remained firmly established as one of Japan’s best udon noodles.

Technique is what makes Inaniwa udon special. Dough is kneaded, formed stretched, and cut into noodles by hand (meticulously taking into account subtle details such as temperature and humidity). Workers then painstakingly inspect every single noodle, removing any imperfect ones. From start to finish, it takes about four days to make a batch of Inaniwa udon. This attention to detail is evident in the quality of the noodles, and is why they are sold at a premium.

In 2007, Inaniwa udon was chosen as one of Japan’s 100 Best Local Dishes from Rural Areas by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The easy-to-slurp and chewy Japanese udon is simple yet deep in its nature.


Original Hot Udon


A skilful chef preparing the Inaniwa udon


Hot/Cold Udon with Roasted Eel Rice Bowl


A smoothness that your throat can feel, and a strength that cannot be imagined by the thinness - two distinctive features of Inaniwa Udon.

Thanks to modern production techniques, the delicate taste of Inaniwa udon, once available only to a select few, is now enjoyed by many.

Inaniwa Yosuke

+65 6262 3279
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