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Top quality Black Hair pork, deep- fried and served with homemade sauce and plated on delicate Imari porcelain – that’s Anzu’s signature Tonkatsu, now available at Japan Food Town.

From Kyushu's farms to your table

Anzu is a farm-to-table concept eatery from Kyushu, famous for their authentic Tonkatsu. Anzu prepares everything from fresh Kyushu produce, and they don’t just serve fresh vegetables – they grow it themselves too.

Fresh Kyushu produce

At Anzu, “fresh” isn’t a word that’s taken lightly – it’s a principle. Taste the proof once you take your seats with their own in-house tsukemono, pickled daikon (white radish) which is served as an appetiser. And of course, in their famous Tonkatsu.

You don’t need thick flavored sauce to appreciate their Ginjo Joshu pork. Just take one bite to taste and feel the quality…

Anzu uses only the best quality pork

Just like their vegetables, Anzu uses only the freshest, most high quality Black Hair pork, imported from Japan. Enjoy a wide, mouth-watering array tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) here.


+65 6262 3408