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Superior Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki, superior value

Shabu Shabu Gyu Jin


Hyogo Prefecture

Known as Gyuta in Japan, this humble eatery from Hyogo operates on a simple motto since 1997: “Good quality food with reasonable price.”

Quality you can afford

Shabu Shabu Gyu Jin serves authentic Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki in an all-you-can-eat buffet setting. Try our beef and vegetable buffet Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki, and we’re confident you’ll see that we take our motto seriously. Pick two of our signature Dashi broths or have your beef Yakiniku style.

Sukiyaki is a meat dish particular to Japan, where thinly sliced beef is stewed in a shallow cast-iron pot with leeks, Welsh onions, grilled tofu, chrysanthemum greens, shirataki, and shiitake mushrooms. It is seasoned to taste with soy sauce and sugar.

The name Shabu-shabu is onomatopeia, which means it is named after the splashing sound of beef being dipped in water


Diners submerge paper-thin slices of top quality meat or vegetables in dashi (broth) made with konbu (kelp). Cooked meat and vegetables are usually dipped in ponzu or goma (sesame seed) sauce before eating with a bowl of rice.


We have over 20 varieties of fresh, seasonal vegetables in our buffet


our thinly sliced Wagyu beef looks almost as good as it tastes


Enhance the flavour of your Sukiyaki beef with a raw egg dip


Mix your own dipping sauce with our sauce options, which include soy sauce, sesame paste, ponzu sauce and condiment options including spring onions and Japanese pickled carrots

Once all the meat and vegetables have been eaten, the leftover broth is customarily combined with the remaining rice, the resulting soup enjoyed as the last part of the meal.

Shabu Shabu Gyu Jin

+65 6262 3240
Weekdays 11:30~23:00
Weekends 11:00~23:00
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