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Discover the new sense of Kyoto grill & sake speciality !

Kyoto grill Taki



“Kuzushi-Kappo”, a modernly arranged Kyoto style Grill & Sake. Here, we present you “Kushiyaki”,  the  Japanese Grilled Skewers, which brings the best and natural flavours out from the premium ingredients.

Experience “Umami”

Our master chef will proposed to you, a brand new dining experience! “Kuzushi-Kappo”, a new branch of Japanese cuisine that originated in Kyoto &  getting popular worldwide these days.

This cuisine is featured with fresh and premium quality of food ingredient, we specially arrange the traditional fine Japanese cuisine with a modern and casual twist.

Please come and explore and discover the new sense of Japanese taste.

Our Store Concepts:

Kyoto grill food & Wide Sake selection

Grilling is a common type of food preparation style and here at Taki we bring out the best in the food ingredients by grilling them to perfection. Kushiyaki, a form of grilled food in Japanese cuisine, is popular in Japan as it provides a wide selection of ingredients to satisfy every patron’s craving. Grilled premium dishes, including Kyoto style miso grill “Saikyoyaki”, is also available to pamper your palates.

Not forgetting, we have a wide range of Japanese Sake collection in the store, from sweet to spicy. Our crew will recommend you the best sake to match with each cuisine!

A taste of Japanese 4 -Seasons

Every day, the chef will handpick the best seasonal ingredients, each ingredient is carefully prepared and nicely arranged with the traditional Kyoto visual arrangement, to present you with the excitement of the 5- senses.

The signature of the store is the Kyoto style grill, please do not forget to enjoy the dishes with master chef’s special Dare sauce, also the freshly handmade Pontsu.


We are committed to serve you the best dining experience, from the explanation of each dishes by our crew, portion by portion, this will be an unforgettable dinner experience for you!


We use only genetically superior meats, come and have a bite of the marbelous & juicy Wagyu!


Fresh from the sea, fresh from the farm, crafted fresh to your dining table.


Presenting "Shokado bento", a famous bento that originated in Kyoto. Each compartment of the bento is filled with fresh Ingredients fresh of the season.


We provide a wide selection of Japanese Sake, the best companion for Japanese Course Cuisine.


'Hassun', the assorted Japanese style appetizer, filled with colors of season and fresh ingredients.


Kyoto-Style Dessert, an authentic & traditional taste of ancient Kyoto.

Wanted an unique Japanese dining experience? Let’s our chef arrange and craft for you!

Kyoto grill Taki

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